10 Easy ways to win haters

10 Easy ways to win haters

The words “Kill them with kindness” is something we must have heard million times. Everyone is indeed having their own enemy.

But the biggest question is, could it be done so easily when we see the signs that your best friend or your approach is your enemy. As we would be likely flustered at first, it could very hard to be kind right away. Because thinking about what to do takes time.

Here are the ways to win haters with kindness we can do:

  1. Kill Them with Your Smile

Smile is the best revenge you can give to your enemy. The more you smile, the more they wonder what’s going on you. All they want from you is for you to explode, and you must not give them what they want.

  1. Keep the Positive Vibes Only

Don’t let negative things ride over you by responding things negatively. See every upcoming problems as a way to me more mature and improve yourself.

  1. Let Haters Do Their Jobs

Your enemies have many ways to try to get into you. They would speak unnecessary talk and mock you to other person. Just let them speak as muck as they want without getting your reaction at all. Let everyone else know what kind of person they are.

  1. Be Kind to Them

Even though you have heard about their evil speech they did behind your back, don’t try to avoid them. Face them when you have to, and be kind to them so that they will feel guilty. On top of that, give them your hand when they need it.

  1. Throw Them Compliments

Let them flying high by complimenting them. They will be feeling like the best in the world and ended up asking for your opinion about themselves. And when they start to believe in anything you say, it’s a good opportunities to twist things around.

  1. Sarcasm Never Failed

So you want to take revenge, won’t you? There are many possibilities to do so, one of it is by mocking them back. Use sarcasm to hide the real meaning of your words. They might not notice that you actually telling them you don’t like them.

  1. Mean Your Words

Sometimes people are too much and really getting into your nerves and you can’t handle it anymore. It’s natural and you may feel that way. One thing you must remember, do it in a classy way. Beat them by the polite talk which contained your feeling toward them.

  1. Silence is Gold

Silence is something the best reaction to show even though when you have killer weapon to bring them down. Because giving them attention by responding to them is a waste of time and do no good to you as well. Let everything pass like it’s never happen.

  1. Use Your Energy Positively

Let’s be true, there’s no need to waste your energy upon unnecessary things such as taking revenge to your enemy. You better use it somewhere else and doing something that is good for yourself improvement. They won’t be going any further once they realise that you are not paying any little attention.

  1. Don’t Lose Your Cool Side

It’s hard to stay cool while handling a heated matters like this. But you must not let your emotion rides over you and giving your enemies what they want. Just stay cool and go to another direction by ignoring them. It’s really not worth the fight.

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